DIZZIDUZZIT - The Dazzling Joker

"Dizzy Dance! Dizzy Dance! Everybody Dizzy Dance!"



This unconventional Joker possesses multiple small, gas-filled bodies protected by a thin but tough plasticized exoskeleton and connected to one another by a network of thin filaments with a strong electrostatic charge. The colony typically drifts in a rotating "ring," but its members can tightly grasp one another and reconfigure into a serpentine configuration for more rapid movement.

This Joker's dense gases are reactive to its static field, allowing it to manipulate its gas cloud in an amoeboid fashion. Creatures susceptible to its effects experience extreme confusion, vertigo and euphoria, interpreting the Joker itself as a surrounding galaxy of beautiful lights and sparkles with no up or down. As they frolic in the shimmering illusion, the Joker's filaments penetrate the skin and seek cerebrospinal fluid, a supplement to the monster's usual diet of pure sugar. During the feeding process, it can more precisely manipulate its prey's motor skills and metabolic processes.


Constantly tittering, tweeting and singing improvised songs to itself, it is difficult to ascertain whether this monster possesses one or many consciousnesses, which is often difficult enough to ascertain in single-bodied jokers. Though it may introduce itself with multiple names, it cannot seem to keep names consistent for either its own bodies or any other living beings, and indeed appears to struggle grasping the very concept of individuality. It makes no distinction between feeding upon another creature and sharing nutrients between its own bodies, expressing only amusement that sometimes a piece of "itself" resists "sharing" or can "run out of juice."


The Dizziduzzit's most obvious use is to pacify an enemy bioweapon, but its ability to induce a sensory high and take control of another creature can even benefit an ally under certain cirumstances. It has also seen employment as a recreational monster, and occasional use as an anesthetologist for particularly large and hostile medical patients.


DIZZY DANCE: the monster's surrounding gas cloud induces a high in other creatures.

NEUROPUPPETRY: the creature can tap into the nervous system of mesmerized prey and guide its movements.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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