DODOOFUS - Devil Bird of Ignorance


   The offspring of a Greed and Pride, the Dodoofus exhibits more mammalian physiology than the other devil birds and has been found to be genetically human, though only capable of reproduction with its fellow devil birds. Strangely, it speaks only in onomatopoeias associated with bird calls (squawk, chirp, quack, cluck, etc.) which vary accordingly with the dominant local language, an effect of the monster's telepathic field.

   The primarly defense mechanism of the Dodoofus is a psychic aura that expunges any knowledge of the monster from any affected mind, eventually eliminating knowledge of the entire species. Under prolonged exposure, this mental blockage will begin to encompass all knowledge of Devil Birds in general, and continue progressing until the host begins to lose whatever immediately relevant information it considers even mildly inconveniencing or troublesome, regardless of importance. Any new fact that the victim would not find absolutely satisfactory will simply fail to register, and all sense of curiosity or wonder will rapidly fade, replaced with the overwhelming feeling that what one doesn't know is inherently meaningless. Even after exposure, the effects of the Dodoofus can persist for weeks or months and randomly relapse for life.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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