DOOMBOROS - The Cowering Sentinel


   Despite its formidable appearance, this hulking skeletal creation is utterly terrified of virtually everything but its immediate friends and allies, around which it is merely nervous and intimidated. Luckily, it generates a potent psychic empathy-field that forces its enemies to share in its paranoid emotions; a defense even more effective than its rock-hard bones and diamond-sharp teeth.

   A Doomboros moves slowly on its hands and feet, dragging its awkwardly large, misshapen horns, which actually house coils of brain matter responsible for the empathic field. It usually prefers not to move at all, leaning on its horns with its back to a wall or doorway. It whines like a dog when distressed, which is frequent, but can sometimes muster a defeaning roar if agitated.

There have been rare reports of Doomboros shifting to a state of fearless, violent fury when a well-liked master is harmed.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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