DRAINWAVE - The Brain Wraith


   Feeding primarily on radioactive energy, this powerful entity can easily sustain itself on the rays of the sun, but craves an opportunity to absorb the mind of a sentient beings, reducing victims to frozen, brittle husks as it simultaneously draws all heat and electricity from their bodies. With every life it robs, it grows in size, intelligence and psychokinetic power. When at last it reaches maximum capacity, it explodes in a devastating mushroom cloud and releases up to a dozen minute larvae, all retaining fragments of their parent's collected knowledge. In some cases, Drainwave have been observed melding together to initiate this reproductive "overload" by force.

   Drainwave consistently maintain that they are not "consuming" or "stealing" the mental information from other life forms, but "collecting" or even "reclaiming" it, alluding to some sort of "before-place" where all minds were whole. A drainwave's tiny jaws are employed only to supplement its diet with the occasional scrap of meat or foliage. Its metallic eyes are constantly changing color under exposure to light.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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