DUNESAYER - "Sand Otter"


Small, silent and lethal, the Dunesayer has been employed as an assassin, security sentry and hunting companion for thousands of years in desert regions, though its talents are applicable to a wide range of situations and environments. With its broad telekinetic vortex, it whips sand, soil or other particulate detritus into a whirling dust storm, obscuring its presence as it tracks prey and awaits an opening for its paralyzing sting. In an emergency, it may even concentrate its field into a focused stream, shredding the flesh of an opponent with a powerful sand blast.

In its preferred habitat, a Dunesayer rarely exposes its entire body and feels uncomfortably vulnerable above ground, swimming effortlessly through sand or soil in a rapid corkscrew-like pattern. It is quite fond of bones and has been known to wear a hollowed-out skull over its cranium, disguising itself as it peers above the sand to watch for prey.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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