EFFIGY - Devil Bird of Hate


   The offspring of a Wrath and Lust, the Effigy reeks of burnt flesh, absorbs most light into its crusty skin and shows absolutely no sign of movement, its luminous red eyes the only indication of life. It emits the farthest-reaching psychic aura of any Devil Bird, which causes all intelligent beings within it to feel increasing contempt for anything that does not fit into their ideals of perfection, displaying extreme prejudice where none had previously existed and elevating existing dislikes to incredibly violent loathing. Sufferers retaliate against even the most minor attacks with disproportionate vengeance and feel the pressing urge to "punish" whatever they disapprove of, experiencing an emotional high the more fiercely they spite one another over the pettiest differences. Victims tend to congregate in large groups only to persecute one common "enemy" (often a former friend) after another, turning on each other when no suitable targets remain.

The Effigy does not appear to feed, and cannot reproduce.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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