ELEDIRGE - The Dream Piper


This rare and valuable monster is prized for both the beauty and power of its melodious piping, capable of driving other creatures into a terrifying furvor as their senses are overloaded with surreal, synesthetic hallucinations. As its frantic song intensifies, listeners may believe they occupy a wholly different reality in an indescribably alien form.


As an Abiozoic bioconstruct, the Eledirge consists of both organic and inorganic materials, its skeletal structure largely silicon-based and its tendons metallic. It feeds primarily on minute insects sucked through its bony proboscis, and excretes only a cloudy, green gas belched loudly from its dorsal flutes. Excess gas is retained in its multiple lung sacs and bladders to allow sluggish locomotion through the air.

The "singing" of the Elederge is the audible effect of its cognowave transmissions, which interfere significantly with the cognitive functions of other bioforms.


An Eledirge will happily spend most of its existence singing and drifting aimlessly, with or without the presence of an audience, and cares little for the feelings other beings may hold towards its music. Not entirely immune to its own effects, it may respond to non-existent stimuli or misinterpret its surroundings, its perception drifting in and out of a world only its own mind can grasp.


Whether Eledirge were created primarily as weapons, entertainment or art is lost to history, but they have seen success as all the above. On the battlefield, their piping can reduce enemy tactics to pure chaos, while a controlled public performance is said to be an indescribable but unforgettable sensory experience often compared to the effects of psychedelic toxins. They are difficult to replicate faithfully, their psychosonic powers dependant on a precise arrangement of neural broadcasters and vocalization tubes, and rumors abound that even the finest specimens pale in comparison to the long-lost original, whose singing is said to have truly broken the boundaries of reality. Unsurprisingly, many Unknown-class monsters seem unaffected or even bored by their musical stylings, one Xenogog infamously dismissing an Eledirge symphony as "kiddie fare."


MADNESS SONG: the fluting music of the Eledirge causes unpredictable sensory distortion, hallucinations and a total breakdown of logic in most creatures who hear it.

GAS CLOUD: an Eledirge's waste products can momentarily blind an aggressor.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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