ENGULPER- The Gluttonous Bloatwyrm


   Valuable for the disposal of even the most hazardous biological waste, the Engulper's boneless, rubbery body can expand many times its size to accomodate an incredible volume of material, and its roiling acids can all but vaporize soft tissues in a flash. Though often kept well-fed on botched experiments and unstable bioweapons, the haunting glow of its digestive processes can mesmerize living prey from afar, which is promptly harpooned and reeled in by its tooth-tipped oral tendrils.

   An Engulper boasts a delicate degree of control over the ratios of its many digestive compounds, and can reformulate its chemical broth to dissolve almost any form of matter. For unknown reasons, it dislikes destroying bone, and enjoys the sensation of skeletal remains rattling in its expansive gut. It has been known to regurgitate favorite bones before initiating harsher digestive cycles, reingesting them once it has diluted its acids to their usual composition.

   The incredibly rubbery flesh of an Engulper is difficult to damage, and can hurl foolhardy attackers like the surface of a trampoline. The monster itself moves only when necessary, but can achieve an impressive bounce for its immense size, or employ its neck and tail to "slingshot" its entire body from sturdy objects.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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