EXCREHEMOTH - The Sewer Tank


   This enormous living waste processor was designed to spend most of its existence happily wallowing in a specially built cesspool, its many anal vents interfacing with a complex web of hoses. As it guzzles raw sewage, its branching digestive system carefully separates and purifies individual elements, delivering fresh water, refined minerals and concentrated nutrients to the appropriate channel. Its incredible strength, formidable jaws and thick, semimorphous flesh are a necessity to survive the frequent onslaught of other sewer dwelling monsters, which are themselves often devoured and reprocessed.

   Excrehemoth see infrequent but effective usage as combat monsters, foregoing their filtration capabilities to rain toxic filth upon the battlefield. Easily amused, they have a tendency to get carried away with such excuses to defy their standard function.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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