EXTERMINEATER - The Pesticidal Biosweeper



The Extermineater requires minimal nourishment, but its appetite is constant, usually feeding on small organisms such as natural insects, gastropods or rodents. These creatures succumb quickly to the poisonous fog vented through the monster's tubular eyestalk, emerging en mass from their hiding places too late to escape death.

Most larger creatures are only irritated by the Extermineater's fog, but Arthropoid-class monsters find it enticingly sweet and calming before entering a prolonged state of paralysis. Thus presented with a meal too large for its facial vents, the monster can regurgitate its poison in a more concentrated, corrosive sludge, breaking its prey down into manageable chunks.


The Extermineater often seems simple-minded to outside observers, spending much of its day puttering from one dead mouse or cockroach to the next. It does, however, tend to boast a detailed knowledge of the biological, ecological and chemical sciences, and enjoys an opportunity to educate others about the complex roles of natural organisms even as it fumigates and consumes them in large numbers.


The Extermineater was engineered to counter a variety of problematic fauna such as rust slugs, sewer ticks and the city's 112,000 documented species of rat. Beyond its obvious capacity to regulate unwelcome volumes of wildlife, its sludge can be boiled down into a safe and highly energizing tea.


FUMIGATION: an Extermineater can swathe an area in poisonous fog, killing small organisms including enemy insect swarms or wormbrain parasites. This toxin additionally pacifies and immobilizes Arthropoids, while repelling many other monsters.

SLUDGE: the Extermineater can slobber its poison as a concentrated, acidic muck as needed.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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