EYECHEDELIC - "Candy Eyes"


   The Eyechedelic is a slothful psychoweapon whose beeping, pulsing eyes have an opioid effect on sighted organisms.


Constantly shifting in color, most of an Eyechedelic's oculars are usually concealed beneath a chitinous faceplate, exposed only to unleash the full brunt of their debilitating effects or allow individual eyes to temporarily break free and roam the monster's territory. In most sentient beings, close visual contact with even one of these organs induces immediate, steadily escalating euphoria and a heavily distorted perception of time as mental processes unpredictably speed, slow or even "run backwards."

Any complete loss of visual contact with the monster's eyeballs triggers equally immediate, torturous withdrawal effects, including sharp migraines, panic, a sense of catastrophic loss and a terrifyingly heightened awareness of time's natural passage. Creatures enslaved by these effects are typically forced to nourish the Eyechedelic in exchange for continued stimulation, willfully allowing the monster to puncture arteries with its impressive talons and guzzle blood directly through its many eye sockets.

Eyechedelic reproduce by exchanging one or more eyes. An eye acquired from another individual will subsequently develop into a gelatinous egg and eventually burst, releasing a "chick" with only a single eye beneath its soft, rubbery plate.


An Eychedelic's metabolism is monolithically sluggish, not unlike that of a fungusloth or sewer cucumber, and the monster has been known to sit in place for years at a time, growing fat and happy off the labor of one or more addicted servants until they are literally bled dry. Though it has little malice, its sheer laziness outweighs any sympathy it might have for its victims. In remote locales, the roaming eyes of Eyechedelic are believed to be responsible for native legends of "swamp whisps" or "fairy lights" luring mortals to their doom.


An Eyechedelic's potent psychoactive effects can be a devastating weapon, though its own master must take care not to succumb and keep any other agents similarly protected, as the monster will stop at almost nothing in order to stay home and avoid anything more strenuous than watching televisions (the more the better) or reading comic strips.

Seen through a reflection, an Eyechedelic's gaze has no negative withdrawal effects, but functions as a powerful sedative, inducing total loss of consciousness and a numbness to pain.

An Eyechedelic's eyeballs are deliciously sweet and energizing when consumed.


ADDICTIVE STARE: Creatures seeing an Eyechedelic's eyes cannot bear to look away, feeling immense pleasure until the terrifying prospect of losing visual contact.

SEDATIVE REFLECTION: Through a mirror or other indirect contact, an Eyechedelic's eyes induce sleep.

REMOTE VISION: An Eyechedelic's eyes are detachable and mobile without loss of visual input or reduction of psychoactive effects. An Eyechedelic can keep watch over almost all activity within a wide territory.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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