EYECHOSIS - The Faceless Joker


   The mind of this strange Joker is divided between two bodies; an immense ocular orb and a smaller bipedal form. Capable of rolling or bouncing of its own accord, the gas filled "eye" also functions as brain and digestive system, absorbing prey directly through its gelatinous surface. It glows brightly from its interior in ever-shifting colors with a strange effect on intelligent beings, creating the uncontrollable sensation that there is "fun" of some kind beneath its surface. Victims continue to believe they're having "fun" even as they suffocate and dissolve in its gaseous interior.

  Though typically seen dancing atop its own eye, the humanoid body of the Eyechosis can be controlled by the brain across virtually any distance, and can bounce from the eye's surface with incredible force, slamming into prey and pinning it down for even easier consumption.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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