EYEPICKER - The Body Gremlin


   The Eyepicker is an incredibly tiny but remarkably dangerous creature skilled in the dissection of living and unliving bodies.


Originally engineered to assist with surgical procedures, this mouse-sized, panicky monster is sensitive to the subtlest vibrations, easily mapping the internal layout of a living body with a few taps of its many-jointed digits and flexible trunk. With these unparalleled senses, scalpel-fine talons and powerful anesthetic saliva, a careful enough Eyepicker can slice its way into most living organisms and sever select organs, nerves or tendons almost completely unnoticed.

An Eyepicker will consume any animal tissues, but craves ocular orbs above all else. Small enough eyes are swallowed whole, while others are sliced open and drained of their fluids. It finds warm, fresh meat highly unappetizing, and tends to wait for stolen tissues to cool before feeding.

Eyepicker traditionally reproduce in standing water under the full moon, with two more individuals melting into a viscous, floating slime similar to algae. The ooze will differentiate into gelatinous, froglike eggs and finally a school of featureless, translucent "tadpoles" in only a few hours, maturing into Eyepicker by the end of the lunar phase.


An Eyepicker is extremely curious about the physiology of other creatures, and fascinated by the variable importance of individual organs. It can be difficult to explain to an Eyepicker why every non-vital organ isn't necessarily "up for grabs," whatever trinkets or free surgical procedures it may offer as a form of trade. Many Eyepicker take up pickling as a personal hobby, meticulously preserving, labeling and organizing the various tissues they've encountered in their travels for documentation or culinary purposes.

Feral Eyepicker are known to take up residence beneath or within the bedding of larger creatures, emerging at night to steal small pieces of their victim.


Eyepicker still see some use in the medical field, but excel at dissection, embalming, taxidermy, food preparation and other lines of work in which the subject is somewhat more likely to have already expired. In combat situations, an Eyepicker can effectively dismantle a larger adversary piece by piece, precisely targeting its most vulnerable components and shutting down biological functions one by one.


ANESTHESIA: one lick from an Eyepicker's tongue can numb an area to all sensation.

SURGICAL CLAWS: the Eyepicker's razor-edged, highly flexible fingers work quickly and cleave neatly through most tissues.

VIBROSENSE: able to detect the slightest vibration, an Eyepicker is impossible to surprise or hide from, and can even deduce the location of critical internal organs in another monster's body.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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