Broodsac Scavenger


The Broodsac Wormbrains are characterized by a large trematoid parasite branching throughout their soft bodies, filling the host creature's membranous eyeballs with colorful, pulsing brood sacs packed full of brain fluke embryos. Mesmerizing psychowaves transfix creatures meeting the gaze of these modified eyes, and compel the victims to drink parasite-laden slime from the sacs themselves.


Known for its raspy, cackling cry, this Wormbrain's flexible body is mostly pure muscle with a minimalistic skeleton, its organs and core parasites housed within a thick, calcerous shell. Highly athletic, it utilizes its shell as a fourth appendage to locomote with impressive speed, and its powerful tendril-like digits can extend several times its body length. The reinforcement and regeneration of its shell requires a high intake of calcium, and it consumes more bone than any other organic material. Though its shell can make a deadly bludgeon, it prefers to avoid combat and steal large kills from other wild monsters, nesting in the remains until it has consumed all usable material. It is also highly attracted to the smell of fermentation, and becomes easily intoxicated on rotten fruit.

The Eyezome is amphibious, and can fill its shell with gases to float from it upside-down in liquid environments.


The Eyezome employs its transfixing gaze sparingly, and prefers to infest smaller, faster creatures such as rodents and especially birds to serve as a surveillance network or scout for more carrion. Sympathizing with their dietary needs, it will allow only other shell-bearing Molluscs or Molluscoids to freely access its bone supplies. An Eyezome usually avoids its own kind as well as other Wormbrains, but may develop mutual symbiosis with predatory monsters that recognize its capabilities.


The Eyezome is a highly versatile fighter and even has a talent for targeted assassination, transfixing a target just long enough to strike a vital organ with its wickedly spiked shell. Its elastic arms can even execute slingshot maneuvers to drive it shell-first into an adversary with devastating force, and its retractable tentacular digits can bind or strangle more persistent opponents.


COLONIAL MIND: the monster's consciousness is distributed across multiple organisms, giving it immunity to mind-altering substances and psychowave attacks.

HYPNOTIC BROODSACS: meeting the gaze of the Eyezome has a mesmerizing effect on sapient creatures.

BRAIN FLUKE INFESTATION: ingestion of slime from the monster's broodsacs can enslave a creature to its hive mind.

Shell Maul: the Eyezome's tough, spiny shell can be used as a deadly stabbing and bludgeoning weapon.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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