FANGATAN - The Masked Ape


   These large and powerful primates were engineered by a surprisingly advanced jungle society as temple guardians. Luminous pulses from their immense eyespots cause an uncontrollable feeling of terror in most other creatures, despite the fact that Fangatan strongly dislike killing and will usually do so only to protect an ally. For unknown reasons, they are especially protective and innocently affectionate towards human women, and will refuse to land a killing blow on even the most dangerous female adversary.

   Fangatan feel an uncontrollable urge to dance when faced with any loud, upbeat rhythm, but never allow this to interfere with their duties; if anything, they are even more effective battlers with musical backup. Their immense, bony faces come in an extremely wide variety of colors and mild shape variation, with tusks of different numbers and arrangement. They are capable of slowing their heart rate and sitting absolutely still for days at a time.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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