FEARLOBE - The Oblivious Hive


   This small, unintelligent monster functions as a mobile breeding ground for an unusual breed of large, colonial earwig, which feeds exclusively on living brain tissue. Though the Fearlobe produces just enough excess tissue to sustain the colony, they will pour from their home by the hundreds to obtain sustenance from an outside source, drilling and worming to a victim's brain through any available orifice and devouring strategic, nonlethal sections of tissue, effectively lobotomizing the victim. Bloated with food, the insects return to the Fearlobe to share and digest their meal.

   A Fearlobe suffers many predictable issues as its brain is repeatedly fed upon and re-grown, often walking straight into walls, falling flat on its face, failing to register pain or completely forgetting whatever it was doing at the time. It should nonetheless be considered incredibly dangerous. It lacks its own mouth or digestive tract, obtaining all the nutrients it needs as earwigs molt, defecate and die within its skull.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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