FLUVIUM - "Fluff Fever"


MACROFORM:Dancing and undulating through the air, the carefree and affectionate Fluvium smells intensely sweet and enticing, even tasting of pure sugar if caught and consumed by an unsuspecting predator. Its pink, powdery poison has a strong sedative effect, sending the toughest monsters into a deep sleep whether inhaled or ingested. With its probing tendrils, it drains blood or other fluids from a sleeping host, filters out the sugars for itself and cycles the rest back into the body.

MICROFORM: Preferring to infect an unconscious host, the Fluvium's symptoms include a dangerously high fever, the development of a colorful epidermal "fuzz" and bizarre, vivid dreams accompanied by somnambulism. Typically, a host can break free from the Fluvium's false reality only upon identifying and "defeating" whatever colorful, childish avatar it has chosen to take in their mind.

REPRODUCTION: A Fluvium's infection cycle ends with the host falling into one final, dreamless sleep. Tiny, colorless Fluvium, thick with white "down," will sprout from the body on wart-like stalks of host flesh, breaking away and drifting off in the wind.

PERSONALITY: the Fluvium is an infinitely curious entity, and enjoys learning everything it can about a new host from within their mind, often manipulating the victim's dreams into challenging puzzles and personally tailored moral dilemmas to observe their reaction.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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