FLYSORE - The "Buzz Boil"


   The flower-like Flysore is a cystoid parasite compensating for its deficient mobility with its complex symbiotic life cycle.


Initially growing as a coconut-sized cyst in the flesh of a host organism, the female Flysore eventually sloughs off, rolls for some distance and finally bursts open into its "blooming" stage. Comprised of more dead, decaying tissues than living cells, its pus-filled head becomes a nesting site for carrion flies integrated so deeply into its consciousness that they effectively function as compound pseudopoda.

  Smaller and less intelligent, male Flysore remain embedded in the flesh of hosts for the duration of their lives, exposing only an oozing reproductive pore upon maturity. Momentarily hijacking their host's motor functions, the males follow the wafting, rotting odor of females and exchange genetic material through their insect symbiotes, which will subsequently deliver fertilized egg cells to the skin surfaces of new host organisms.


Many curious corpse eaters are attracted to the fetid stench of a bloomed female Flysore, and she quickly learns to exploit them as a food source. Every scavenger drawn to her aroma is quickly suffocated in the clutches of her insect swarm, and their decaying remains will only add to the potency of the trap. Over time, a wild Flysore may build up a substantial cesspit, concealing herself just beneath a reeking central pool of putrescent slurry and feasting on the pooling corpse fluids.


Even stationary, a female Flysore's swarms can reach far across a battlefield, and the monsters make excellent guard beasts. Many female Flysore may be implement as part of a "moat" or stationed in sewage lines for additional security. Organisms infested by male Flysore are not without their uses, though their control over insects is more limited, and they will drop everything for an opportunity to mate with one of their own kind - regardless of alleigance. The usefulness of male specimens is better evaluated as an accessory to the talents of their host body.

Flysore are surprisingly sweet when roasted, taking on a fresh, rosy odor and candy-like flavor.


SWARM HANDS: The Flysore manipulates dense masses of symbiotic insects as "appendages," their collective strength capable of manipulating objects while their thick numbers alone can blind and choke potential prey.

ROTTING STENCH: To some creatures, the odor of the Flysore is repellant and unbearable. To many others, such as certain Arthropoids, Zombie Spawn, Fectoids and scavengers of all sorts, it is dangerously alluring.

INFESTATION: Flysore eggs hatch rapidly, and can begin growing in a host body within minutes, causing significant pain and eventually manipulating motor functions.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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