FOULMOUTH - The Filth Puppet


   Created by an eccentric hermit who left no record of their intended purpose, these ludicrous monsters are clearly patterned after socks, with incredibly stretchy bodies striped in an endless combination of colors. Capable of an impressive leap for their relatively small legs, they wrap tightly around enemies to bind limbs, suffocate or blind before delivering a vicious bite. Their saliva is loaded with an extremely irritating parasitic fungus, causing a severely itchy, necrotic rash.

  A Foulmouth is most comfortable in small, dark spaces, where it curls into a tight ball and can sleep almost indefinitely. It has a strong desire to be paired with another of its kind, but a curious aversion to Foulmouth of the same color. It sweats profusely when excited, and smells strongly of body odor.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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