FUNGUSLOTH - The Spore Strider


   Designed for both agricultural and combat applications, this elephant-sized monster uses a thick layer of continuously shed skin as a substrate for hundreds of symbiotic fungi, some of which were engineered to grow nowhere else. Invading the colorful fruiting bodies with its own nervous system, the Fungusloth can release spores from any or all of its fungi at once, seeding vast crops with precious medicinal mushrooms or simply choking an attacker with infectious molds. In the same vein, its thick, glue-like slobber is effective both as a fertilizer and an incapacitating spit.

Though they can attain reasonable land speed in a fight, Fungusloth spend most of their time conserving as much energy as possible, often lying motionless for days at a time while their fungi do most of the work. Their diet consists mostly of soil, supplemented with some of their own symbionts.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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