GANGRENA - The Mildew Ghost


   These strange floating monsters are infested with a wide array of molds, bacteria and protozoa throughout their hairy bodies and leave a trail of bright green mildew in their wake. They subdue prey by transmitting a flesh-rotting fungal disease through the sharp tips of their fragile tendrils, and a severed tendril may continue to move and attack for weeks.

   The central, tongue-like tube is the primary feeding orifice, drilling into infected flesh like a ravenous worm and slurping up liquefied tissues. Its other tubular appendages are siphons used to propel the creature through air, scattering millions of spores in the process.

   Gangrena obviously prefer dark, damp places. Household detergents are not enough to kill them, but terrify them regardless. Rarely, a Gangrena may split into two complete individuals.


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