GARBOID - The Garbage Shark


   A dangerous by-product of monster creation that has bred out of control. Born from decaying flesh and chemical wastes, Garboid follow a fish-like anatomy but may incorporate the tissues of innumerable lifeforms, incorporating traces of everything organic that they consume. Like zombies, their bodies are in a constant state of outer decay, rejuvenating from a living core as the monster feeds. They prefer tunnel through soil or trash with their powerful jaws, but can slither rapidly on a layer of their own filthy juices.

   Garboid are most common in the Garbage Sea, an expansive swamp of scrap metal, sewage and other waste dating back thousands of years. Locals tell tales of a Garboid so monstrous that the ruins of an entire town are part of its internal structure.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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