GHOULANTERN - The Ghostfire


   Created in ancient times to serve as both a light source and security system in subterranean places, the Ghoulantern is a vintage design that still serves its purpose well. The pale blue "flame" above its head is actually ice cold to the touch, and can ignite into a blinding explosion that instantaneously freezes all fluids and soft tissues in a five meter radius; a most effective means of apprehending intruders in its traditional line of work.

   Despite the cold, a Ghoulantern's head is almost constantly melting away from its "fire" only to flow back up from the inside. Its dripping flesh is extremely slick to the touch, but it has no difficulty sticking fast to solid surfaces. It comes in many colors and sizes, but the traditional Ghoulantern is a pale, waxy yellow.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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