GLOBNOXIOUS - The Putrescent Flotsam


When the first Globnoxious washed ashore, it was uncertain whether it represented the mutation of a wild organism, the natural state of an undocumented monster, or a monster in a state of deterioration. Its connection to the mysterious Stinkfish became more evident with subsequent observation, and tissue analysis at last revealed that the creatures are of Wormbrain descent. This classification had previously eluded notice due to the extreme specialization of the brain-flukes controlling stinkfish consciousness; parasites so highly derived that like the parasitic myxozoa, they exhibit little more than a slime-like cellular matrix infesting host tissues.

BIOLOGY: A Globnoxious swims only lazily in aquatic environments, seeking to beach itself on shorelines where it may rest almost indefinitely, allowing its smaller symbiotic stinkfish or "scuttlebones" to overpower the scavenging fauna on which it feeds. Crabs, carrion birds, zombies and monsters alike are overwhelmed by the scurrying, moderately venomous creatures like a colony of oversized ants, their remains scooped into the large, toothless feeding orifice beneath the monster's hulking body.

As an additional defense, a Globnoxious can violently expel its internal tissues and viscera from any of its various orifices, showering attackers in a putrid, sticky tangle of rotting meat and unidentifiable entrails. When all else fails, the entire monster can explode its body in this fashion.

Other varieties of Stinkfish such as Junjo, Diamrem and Sourtrout sometimes develop within the body of a Globnoxious, especially one that has been well fed. Stranger still, these spawn sometimes carry the memories of the monster's previous prey, and rarely, develop as physical hybrids between the original species and piscoid wormbrains.


A Globnoxious seldom troubles itself with active thought; it shows a curiosity towards new objects, but only to deduce their edibility...and may not always wait to draw a conclusion. It has little opinion of the creatures that employ it as a nest or even those that spontaneously incubate within its body, and may even attempt to consume both if the mood strikes it.


The tiny, little-used brain and massive, necrotic body of the Globnoxious make it an almost immovable tank in traditional combat, not only well equipped to defend itself but capable of carrying over a hundred of its symbiotes or even a few dozen Junjo within its meaty cavities.


SCUTTLEBONES: the Globnoxious serves as a nest to smaller, skeletal piscoids with a paralyzing tetrodotoxic bite.

DEVOUR:: creatures close enough to the Globnoxious risk being ensnared in its sticky flippers and shoveled into its concealed mouth.

CHUM CANNON:: the Globnoxious can blast a slurry of stinking, gooey viscera from any of its various tubes and suckers.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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