GLOOMIZER - The Weeping Eyes


   A single monster with two independent bodies, each massive "eye" of the Gloomizer houses half of its disproportionately large brain, together generating a strong psychokinetic field in which its thoughts and emotions are shared not only between its two halves, but with any other sentient organism entering its field of vision. This accounts for both the Gloomizer's effectiveness in combat and its lack of popularity, as its mental state is one of unrelenting, hopeless melancholy so pervasive that it would likely self-terminate if it only regarded oblivion as any more or less pointless than existence. Wallowing in masochistic self pity and holding all forms of life in equal contempt, a Gloomizer can demoralize at a glance or induce auto-mutilation with a prolonged close range stare.

   Gloomizer are sustained by little more than radiation. Regardless of intellect, they regard all other beings as insufferable simpletons. Only a single specimen is known to have experienced true happiness under rigorous psychochemical therapy, ultimately describing the sensation as "disappointing" and "asinine."



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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