Insatiable Hellmouth:



The largest of the seven prime Devilbirds, the Gluttony is technically a colonial organism consisting of several ravenous feeding polyps budding from a larger mother polyp, sharing a network of digestive channels and rudimentary ganglia. Barely mobile, the colony's psychic broadcast manipulates creatures that have breathed its foul neural spores and inflicts them with an insatiable desire to gorge themselves on any organic material that they can ingest. Once full to capacity, these vassals follow the soft peeping and bioluminescence of the monster's feedng polyps, expel their stomach contents into the creature and repeat the process. Inevitably, a long-term host starves and weakens until they can no longer resist being swallowed whole by the monster or turned on by their fellow hungry vassals.

Despite its seemingly bottomless appetite, a Gluttony does not actually experience the sensation of hunger and can comfortably endure many years without nourishment. The majority of its dietary intake is converted directly into its spore miasma.


Although it rarely communicates, a Gluttony possesses a sharp, rational intellect and spends much of its time reflecting on the nature of being. It usually idealizes concepts of nothingness, annihilation and the void, believing that the purpose of all life is to cancel out other life and ultimately self-destruct.

Despite its cold and ruthless outlook, a Gluttony's alliance is slightly easier to win with offerings of sweets, particularly fudge.


A Gluttony is willing to reign in its mental domination if willingly provided a steady supply of food, its full power all the more potent when finally unleashed as a weapon.


GLUTTONY INFECTION: creatures exposed to the Gluttony's spore field are subject to its mental dominance, and will devour anything they possibly can in order to feed the monster.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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