GOLITHIC - The Hungry Idol


   Towering over most other constructs, the Golithic were originally created by an island civilization as objects of worship, supposedly used by their deity as "feeding vessels" during ritual sacrifice. None could have known that the creatures had been self-aware from the beginning, and that their collective consciousness grew in both power and hunger with each newly constructed body. Today, the entire island is bereft of all natural life, littered with thousands of stone bodies that awaken to devour anything edible that flies, crawls or grows into their territory.   

Replications of the original Golithic lack the psychic unity that was once their downfall, but retain enough power to hover over solid terrain and are almost unmatched in sheer physical strength. Unfortunately, the suffer from ravenous appetites and often frustrating egos, constantly demanding attention, praise and pampering.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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