GOUTBREAK - "Oozing Carnage"


MACROFORM: One of the most feared Fectoids, the tiny and insidiously quiet Goutbreak can painlessly penetrate flesh and siphon away blood with its sharp, hollow tendrils, its powerful sedative toxins ensuring hosts remain calm and compliant. Though it needs very little sustenance to survive, it typically exsanguinates its victims until they border on death, excreting excess blood back through its free digits to scrawl strange, spiraling patterns onto the prey's body and surroundings.

MICROFORM: Infection by microbial Goutbreak is characterized by excessive blood production, increased heart rate and a patterned fissuring of the outer skin, causing infected blood to spurt at high pressure with the host's every movement. In stark contrast to the monster's calm and stealthy demeanor, the infected are driven to a state of mindless, savage violence and insatiable thirst for the blood of other creatures. The sight of the color red is especially agitating to victims, and red lighting even moreso.

REPRODUCTION: Left unattended, tiny Goutbreak may slowly form from the spilled blood of hosts or their victims, initially no larger than fleas. Most will die before maturity, but may speed their growth by melding with one another.

PERSONALITY: the Goutbreak is a sinister, serious Fectoid of very few words, usually focused on maximizing the spread of its next infectious phase.

Goutbreak are fascinated by the texture and smell of rusted metal, and may hibernate in their microbial form on the sharp edges of eroded scrap.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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