GRAUNCH - The Biting Mummy


   The Graunch is an ornery, excitable monster who's body is comprised largely of strong, fleshy "ribbons" that can snap instantly from its default "humanoid" arrangement to almost any desired shape. A pair of tough specialized loops bear the monster's steely teeth, and close together like a set of jaws. Its core is nothing more than a brain with legs, and controls the massive, free-floating eye via telekinesis. This eye can travel freely within a mile of the body, and re-grows from the core if destroyed. When the teeth are not in use for combat, the eye is kept safely behind them.

   Graunch were first created by an ancient civilization as part of their burial practices, and actually utilized as living death-shrouds for the bodies of royalty. Many an unlucky grave-robber met his demise when the "wrappings" of a mummified body would spring to life, neatly bite his face off, and quietly resume hibernation; carefully re-entwining around the ancient corpse. When modern society re-discovered these monsters, they quickly became a popular and effective minion for monster trainers of every background.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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