GRAVEWIGGLE - The Suturing Demishade


   Like the mysterious Shades who toil in Mortasheen city's inner workings, the Demishades consist mostly of a crystalloid skeleton and organs suspended in an energy-absorbing fluid matrix, resembling beings of pitch darkness outside of their protective biofiber skins.


This shy, sluggish Demishade spends its existence searching for other creatures to "repair," stretching to engulf damaged bioforms into its socklike casing. Thousands of the creature's tough, strawlike filaments wind through the subject's flesh in an instant, tightly sewing shut its wounds and even replacing lost appendages with durable, woven prosthetics that respond to adjacent muscle contractions until the host can regenerate its original tissues.

Even effectively dead organisms can be restored to a crude mechanical functionality if necessary, with the Gravewiggle itself controlling its temporary "puppet zombie" for as long as it requires.


The Gravewiggle generally wishes to be left alone and loathes direct combat. Though it does not gain sustenance from healing others, it is perpetually driven to do so and can find it difficult to resist "patching up" any injury it can detect, no matter how dangerous or ungrateful some patients can unfortunately prove to be.


Gravewiggle make obviously excellent medics, and can even contribute to battle by rapidly converting the dead into weak but relentless patchwork vassals. Construction of a functional doll-being without an existing framework or flesh or bone to work with is possible with practice, but can be difficult enough for the monster to pass out after only minutes of controlling such a construct.


QUASIBIOLOGICAL: the monster's mix of organic and inorganic components renders it highly resistant to extreme environments and many microbial or chemical weapons.

HEALING FIBER: The Gravewiggle can mend wounds, replace limbs and reinforce bodies with its semiliving fibrous strands.

PUPPET ZOMBIES: If necessary, a Gravewiggle can take total control of a subject body, including the long dead.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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