GRIMGUG - The Embryonic Behemoth


   An extremely rare result of zombie mating habits, the Grimgug can grow to the size of an elephant in less than a year of its birth and continues to grow at a slow but steady pace for the duration of its ageless existence. Though capable of undulating on its belly over land, it rarely finds the need to travel as even a few pounds of meat can sustain it for months at a time. It commonly defaults to the sedentary life of an ambush predator, burying itself in a conical pit or lying still beneath a body of water.

   Creatures shoveled into the Grimgug's toothless gullet may survive for years in its cavernous digestive tract, particularly zombies, which sustain themselves on other engulfed prey and regenerate almost as fast as they can be digested.

   The mind of a Grimgug is very much like that of a perpetually happy but perpetually tired human infant, spending most of its life sleeping between meals.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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