GRINATA - The Tempting Joker


The Grinata is a small but insidious predatory Joker even known to lure and devour its own kind.


Silently floating and bobbing through the air, the ravenous Grinata lures prey into its jaws with the aid of a bioluminescent, sweetly aromatic lure and its own hallucinogenic gases, symptoms of which include an insatiable, escalating craving for sweets, impaired judgment and an increased inability to process stimuli irrelevant to the acquisition of food. Afflicted creatures soon perceive little more of their surroundings than total darkness, interrupted only by the flashing and fluttering of the Grinata's tantalizing proboscis.


A Grinata tends to stake out a rather small territory, patiently hanging in place until its deadly perfume reels in another meal - even other Jokers in its own hive. Easily growing bored, it internally refines its own toxins into a potent hallucinogen, roaming its own whimsical fantasy-world as it awaits fresh meat.


The Grinata's talents are broadly applicable to hunting, fishing, pest control and security, though care must be taken to keep the creature satisfied, its own hunger often taking precedence over loyalty. Fortunately, trainers and allies may immunize themselves to the effects of a single, specific Grinata with direct injection of its toxins in diluted, liquid form, assuming the subsequent confectionary binge is an acceptable side effect.


LEVITATION: the Grinata's concentrated gases allow it to float through the air, balloon-like.

DRUG MIASMA: the Grinata's invisible, sickly-sweet fumes have an intoxicating effect on prey, dulling their perception and interest in anything but the monster's lure.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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