GROMORY - The Muscle Ghoul


   The Gromory is among the simplest, most common and most versatile of organic bioconstructs.


This quasihumanoid monster packs extremely dense muscle into its relatively compact body, capable of dismembering even some larger monsters with its bare hands. Well adapted to the high elevations of Mortasheen city, it prefers to locomote by brachiation but can achieve impressive ground speeds by loping on all fours or simply rolling from place to place.

A Gromory can eat nearly any organic or semi-organic matter, but prefers extremely moldy materials and enjoys gnawing metal to sharpen its ever-growing teeth.

A Gromory's eyesight is highly advanced, seeing just as easily in total darkness or blinding light and capable of peering through several inches of solid matter.


Gromory vary widely in personality, but are bred for high loyalty and a strong work ethic, enjoying any task that makes use of their great strength regardless of important or tediousness. Easily bored, a Gromory given no particular orders may simply hunt for interesting objects or organisms it can mangle to its personal taste, and may keep a personal collection of the most satisfactory results.


Gromory were designed for simple versatility, and are widespread laborers, battlers and companion monsters trained for all variety of daily functions. They are among many monsters commonly offered to first-time trainers, and many are passed down as family heirlooms or childhood caretakers.

In combat, a Gromory is particularly devastating with bludgeoning instruments.


BRUTE STRENGTH: Gromory are designed to be as physically strong as their frames will allow.
X-RAY VISION: Gromory can gaze through thin walls and see in almost any environment.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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