Broadcast Transmission Plagueman


   Engineered by the Gezoond as elite "plaguecasters," Gullywunk are capable of releasing and remotely directing airborne pathogens.


While the Mumblegog and Gezoond transfer their diseases by fluid contact, the Gullywunk's pathogens are carried by a vaporous black fog of flying nanoids remotely directed within a radius of up to a mile by the monster's melodious whistling.

A Gullywunk must remain stationary to direct its miasma, but its telescopic body is incredibly flexible and maneuverable when necessary, able to compress itself into a thick, dense cone that easily shrugs off physical damage or retract its arms and stretch into a speedy serpentine configuration. By more forcefully compressing and releasing, it can also launch itself like a powerful spring, typically performing an aerial flip and landing like a javelin on its bony and lethally sharp tailblade.


Despite its quick reflexes and technically above-average intellect, a Gullywunk easily reads as simplistic and "dopey" to other creatures for its unambitious and easygoing attitude. It is generally content to eat, sleep, follow instructions, and take in aesthetically satisfactory (or "purdy") scenery for hours at a time as it slowly rotates in place and whistles its cheerful tunes.


The precision with which a Gullywunk directs its contagious agents is such that it can not only target distant subjects for infection, but shroud its surroundings in a microbial darkness that its allies can still breathe safely. Concentrating its nanoids into a smaller space can provide a mobile "smokescreen" or even shadowy decoys to confuse enemy sensory input, and with enough concentration, its microbes can be directed to consume and destroy other airborne biohazards such as infection-phase fectoids and fungoid spores.


PLAGUESONG:The Gullywunk's twittering, musical whistle allows it to control the movement of its plague-carrying nanoid "fog," selectively sickening other creatures from a distance.

PLAGUESHADOW: the Gullywunk can concentrate its fog into dark, roving clouds of variable size and shape.

SNAKE JAVELIN: the monster can spring its body into the air and come down on its sharp tail to impale an opponent.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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