The Hemogeist is a skulking parasitic Ectosaur which grows in size and power as it feeds.


This Ectosaur exhibits many interesting similarities to monsters of the vampiric class, including a sanguivorous diet, an aversion to sunlight and infectious biomaterials. Whether these adaptations allude to a meaningful relationship between the Hemogeist and vampires or simply represent an evolutionary convergence is not known, but the plastic tangibility associated with Ectosaurs has given this bloodsucker a marked advantage over true vampires...which often find themselves its quarry.

Though capable of a powerful bite, the Hemogeist feeds on blood painlessly and delicately, phasing its proboscis directly into the host's heart and solidifying only a microfine vascular channel to its own digestive tract. Leaving behind traces of its own paracellular structure, it shares the common vampire's capacity to communicate with and even "hijack" host organisms from a distance.


Hemogeist slime is reddish purple, heavily saturated with iron and congeals into gelatinous clumps somewhat resembling fruit preserves.


Bashful and polite in its typical, tiny state, the Hemogeist typically hides in the nest or bedchamber of a chosen host, emerging while the victim sleeps to sip negligible amounts of blood.

Though the creature prefers peaceful coexistence with its food source, it cannot avoid an increase in biomass and consequently an increase in nutritive requirements with every meal. Soon, the Hemogeist can attain colossal size, terrifying psychokinetic power and an appetite to match, driven to a gluttonous rampage by insatiable hunger.

Inevitably, a Hemogeist reaches unsustainable proportions and violently explodes, shedding its excess mass as slime and returning to its natural state. Often embarrassed, it quietly slinks off to a new territory and begins the cycle anew.


BLOOD DRAIN: the Hemogeist can painlessly siphon blood from a living host.

MIND CONTROL: a Hemogeist can dominate the thoughts of creatures it has fed upon.

EXPONENTIAL GROWTH: the monster can rapidly expand in size and strength as it feeds, albeit temporarily.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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