HEMOGOBBLE - The Blood Bank


   While Mortasheen city lacks a "currency" in the traditional sense, healthy blood is arguably its most fundamental commodity, and no creature is better geared towards its management than the Hemogobble. This small, hopping creature employs its drill-like metallic beak and a hollow microcable tongue to collect blood through even the toughest hides, drawing it through its brain for in-depth analysis, filtering out impurities in its complex esophagus and sorting it by donor in one of its abdominal sacs for delivery to its recipient or public storage facility. If met with resistance, it can inject a paralyzing nerve toxin.

   As a security measure, a Hemogobble's true personality and memories are stored in its technorganic "hat," through which it also speaks in a buzzing voice. A hatless body is an animalistic predator, consuming any bodily fluids it can get while the hat floats back to its master. Hemogobble are by necessity completely unsympathetic, but famously polite with a strong sense of propriety.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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