HESTERMOAN - The Screaming Fear


   The original Hestermoan is one of the great destructors lying dormant beneath Mortasheen city, awakening only in the face of cataclysmic threat. The largest of its brothers, its raw physical power is unmatched by any monster or machine created since, seemingly disproportionate even for its considerably massive body. Its stinking black breath is a cornucopia of infectious virii, and its oil-like blood corrodes all but its own tissues. Its excrement grows and spreads like a fungal blight where it falls, and drives parasitic insects into a reproductive frenzy that can darken the skies. Most fearsome of all is its echoing dual shriek, which can induce uncontrollable outbursts of fear and violence in even the most disciplined beings. Evidence suggests that the Hestermoan was engineered by an unknown party as an instrument of genocide against an entire civilization, and so effective that their very name remains unrecoverable.

   The destructors themselves have arisen to thwart all attempts at their perfect duplication, but heavily inferior reproductions, while difficult to create and dangerous to control, are virtually unsurpassed in battle by any other monstrosity.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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