HEXHAUST - the Mad Gasser


   Intended as a modern replacement for such biochemical dispersers like the Gasjack, Mumblegog and Blightshade, this scurrying, leaping being can synthesize a wide range of gaseous chemicals from over thirty raw elements manufactured and stored in its body, including defoliants, insecticides, nerve agents, narcotics, anaesthetics or even aphrodesiacs. A single exhalation of its bellows-like jaws can swathe a wide area in a chemical smokescreen.

   Unfortunately, the Hexhaust's physical and mental stability cannot withstand its own volatile contents for long. Literally poisoning itself with every breath, the monster descends into erratic, insubordinate and absurd behavior within hours of consciousness, deviating wildly from its orders and often mixing gases inappropriate to the situation, whether by malfunction or maniacal whim. Only when it at last loses consciousness does the Hexhaust's mind and body repair itself. By the time it emerges from its regenerative hibernation, it can no longer recall its irrational behavior and consistently believes that all others present were "the crazy ones."



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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