HISSBEGOTTEN - The Alley Slinker


A cunning, conniving creature known for its regenerative properties and exceptional social prowess.


The slimy, eel-like body of the Hissbegotten is especially resilient to physical damage, functioning even when cut into sections that may instantly re-attach at the first opportunity. It has also been known to sever pieces of itself of its own volition, sending an arm snaking off to pursue small prey animals or circle behind opponents for a surprise attack.

The saliva of the Hissbegotten carries with it billions of regenerative cells, a natural tranquilizer and a psychotropic bacterial toxin, rapidly mending the wounds of those bitten while inducing a calm, peaceful and highly suggestible mental state. Long after the effects have technically subsided, patients recall the bite as a blissfully pleasant experience and hold an affection for the Hissbegotten as a true friend.

A Hissbegotten prefers dark, tight and sometimes swelteringly hot environments, ideally nesting in a large enough heating duct or industrial smokestack.


A Hissbegotten tends to regard most other creatures as emotionally childish and dangerously irrational when compared to itself, an attitude which is seldom unwarranted. It shares both the fearlessness and selflessness of the closely related Hisscreant, but starkly contrasts its cousin with an almost limitless patience, analytical mind and exceptional psychological understanding of other beings. Combined with the effects of its venom, the Hissbegotten can often charm its way out of a dangerous confrontation and rapidly amasses a network of allies wherever it may go.

Despite its seemingly outgoing nature, the Hissbegotten most prefers time to itself, during which it may practice any number of artistic hobbies and experiment with different aesthetic styles. Often growing bored of its own vivid coloration, it enjoys wearing clothing and often prefers to dress entirely in black, sometimes heavily enough to completely conceal its species to the unwary foe.


A Hissbegotten excels at keeping other monsters organized, motivated and healthy, often becoming an almost parental figure to its teammates. Where words and psychotropics fail, however, the Hissbegotten proves itself a lethally skilled and frighteningly merciless fighter.


FRAGMENTATION: a Hissbegotten can survive being broken into pieces and simply reconnect its body parts at its own convenience.

THERAPEUTIC BITE: the monster's saliva can regenerate other creatures and render them extremely passive, even shifting their loyalty to the Hissbegotten.

SMOOTH TALKER: the Hissbegotten is exceptionally observant of the emotions and interests of other creatures, easily talking its way out of danger without having to resort to violence.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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