HOBKIN - The Void Goblin



Unlike related monsters, the Hobkin usually keeps itself in an almost fully solid state, its transparent exoskeleton comprised of an inorganic crystalline polymer as strong as steel. Related monsters such as the Abathrael and Vault are likely similar in composition, though the base elements of the material remain difficult to ascertain.

The Hobkin may briefly desolidify any or all of its exoskeleton in order to reach through solid surfaces, though this leaves the organism within its body highly vulnerable to damage. This organism prefers to feed on the brain tissues of vertebrate prey, inserting its muscular esophagus into a nasal passage or eye socket as the Hobkin clutches the victim in a half-tangible embrace.

By unknown means, a Hobkin can take living organisms apart and reassemble them seamlessly, restoring subjects to life function with only a sensation of "missing time."


A Hobkin does not speak or communicate whatsoever, but can seemingly comprehend virtually any attempt by other beings to communicate with it. This is typically ignored, however, should it conflict with the creature's obsessive desire to pick apart small objects, living or non-living, and either reconstruct them in working order or arrange the pieces in cryptic patterns of indeterminate purpose.


Provided enough items to "tinker" with, a Hobkin is relatively easy to deal with and gets along quite well with most other monsters, though Biomecha tend to excite the Hobkin to a dangerous degree.

The creature's ability to take apart and rebuild a living being without permanent harm has many practical uses to the creative enough trainer.


TEMPORARY INTANGIBILITY: the Hobkin can phase parts of itself through solid material.

BRAIN DRAIN: the monster's internal, organic body can suck brain tissue through its tough, flexible esophagus.

BIOLOGICAL REASSEMBLY: provided it took a living object apart to begin with, the Hobkin can safely reconnect its components.



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