INFECTCHA - The Germ Goblins


   Usually forming a three foot tall conglomerate, these partially boneless anthropomorphs appear at first glance to have a mammalian physiology, but more than half of their mass consists of specialized bacteria joined by spongy membranes and functioning roughly like the tissues of a multicellular organism. Infectcha leave bacterial colonies on virtually everything they come into contact with, and in the body of a living host, their bacteria cooperate to "build" new Infectcha within the host's respiratory system. This process is very rarely life-threatening, but can become incredibly debilitating as the carrier suffers fever, chills, exhaustion and continually coughs up dozens of tiny humanoids in egg-like wads of phlegm. The vast majority of these mindless offspring will perish, but a lucky few will manage to conglomerate and grow, requiring at least three individuals to acheive sentience.

   Infectcha are known for their incessant, wheezing laughter, broken up by coughs and sneezes. Though only negligibly vulnerable to it, they are nervous around soap and may fly into a panic if they come into contact with cleaning solvents. This is not an advisable deterrant, as they are only more desperate to infect when threatened and may detonate themselves to ensure perpetuation.


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