INSANITITTER - The Slithering Joker


The mesmerizing, sinuous Insanititter is one of the deadliest and most intelligent long as its arms are restrained, effectively possessing two drastically different personalities according to the situation.


This monster possesses little more anatomy than a head and two extremely long, thin arms with a rubbery, flexible skeletal structure. Lacking a throat, its squirming proboscis is its true feeding orifice, drilling into prey and sucking it dry of fluid.

An Insanittiter's foremost weapon is its hyper-energizing venom. With a single bite, prey is induced to dance, spin, flail, leap and shudder until incapacitated either by injury, heart failure or sheer exhaustion.


In its natural state, an Insanititter finds it nearly impossible to remain still or focused for long, dancing wildly on its flailing arms as if to some unknown melody, babbling whatever nonsense it finds humorous and wreaking wanton, indiscriminate destruction on its surroundings. Only physical restraint can calm the creature's rampage, and restriction of its arms has a particularly startling effect on its cognition.

So long as its arms are bound tightly together, an Insanititter becomes easygoing and almost frighteningly focused, capable of formulating brilliantly calculated plans and mathematically predicting the behavior of its adversaries, though it continues to sway subtly to some alien song in its thoughts.

A bound Insanititter is extremely reluctant to be unbound, regarding its alternate state as a "vile hooligan" or "uncouth brute." With its arms free to destroy, however, it characterizes its prior behavior as that of a stuffy bore.


An insanititter moves far slower in its calm, calculating state of mind, but its sheer intelligence is a force to be reckoned with, and it exhibits an additional hidden talent for hypnosis, its swirling eyes lulling other creatures into a submissive, drowsy state.

As an unbound maelstrom of chaos, the monster can prove a handful on all sides of a conflict and even seal its own destruction through catastrophic recklessness, but its heightened reflexes and fluid agility are almost unsurpassed. The right situation may even call for an emergency personality shift, assuming the creature can set aside its pride long enough to agree.


ELASTIC BODY: the Insanititter is extremely rubbery, soft and stretchy, giving it amazing flexibility and making it difficult to injure.

HYPNOSIS: the monster's gaze can hypnotize and calm other creatures.

TARANTELLA FANGS: the monster's bite causes uncontrollable, frantic dancing and high-energy activity.

BEHAVIOR SHIFT: application or removal of appendage restraints can transform the Insanititter from a whirling, blindingly speedy berserker to a conniving, hypnotic schemer.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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