INTESTANGLE - the Gut Bucket


   The blithely ignorant Intestangle pays little regard to its surroundings, but its prehensile, eversible digestive tract functions with a complex nervous system all its own, feeding its oblivious body with sharp reflexes and predatory cunning. Ensnared in the intestine's gluey embrace, prey is saturated with acids and scoured of soft tissues by thousands of writhing cilia.

   Intestangle are drawn to large bodies of water and may lie ashore for days or weeks, content to stare at clouds or ponder the nature of rocks as their intestines go "fishing." Though they lack a sense of taste, they derive considerable pleasure from the "tickle" of prey squirming in the grasp of their gastric membranes, and enjoy the sudden rush of mental clarity they derive from sweets.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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