ITHAGUIN - The Freezing Death


   The vast tundra to the North of Mortasheen city is a harsh wasteland rendered especially impenetrable by its seemingly endless hordes of blind, pure white, flesh-eating Sphenisciformes. One attempt to combat these ravenous penguins and explore this unknown environment was the development of what the murderous birds were expected to fear most; a bigger, more powerful exaggeration of their own kind. Towering, fearless and ruthless, the savage Ithaguin was given the additional protection of a controlled thermal neutralization field, repelling heat from its surroundings to completely freeze even the hardiest cold-climate organisms. Unfortunately, the original dozen Ithaguin stubbornly refused to fight against their smaller, natural counterparts, which reacted to the monsters more as they would to paternal figures than rivals. Given the choice between their "kin" and their creators, the first Ithaguin happily went rogue and have haunted the tundra for centuries since, making exploration only deadlier than before.

   Attempts to engineer more obedient Ithaguin have been moderately successful, but trainers are still advised to keep them well away from the great tundra, where they continue to display abberant behavior and long to join their feral cousins.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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