JEKYLLANTERN - The Split Pumpkin


   Easy to mistake for a botanical monster, the Jekyllantern is actually an amorphous, gelatinous monster with a gourd-like shell of cartilage and vivid orange, red or yellow skin. Traditionally left to protect gardens or even developing botanical monsters from wandering herbivores, it would be less effective were it to share the vulnerabilities of plant life.

   Normally in a state of perpetual joy and almost constantly fighting back giggles, the Jekyllantern snaps to attention at the first sign of hostility and emerges from its shell on an ectoplasmic umbilicus, puppeteering its almost vaporous inner body with a strong telekinetic field. In this form, it feels nothing but raw, murderous hatred and pain, briefly sated only by draining the energy and fluids from a hapless intruder. Only when its territory has been secured does the monster retreat once again to its hollow pod, as blissful and content as ever. The Jekyllantern's true brain remains in its "gourd" at all times. If its gelatinous body is permanently separated, it will dissipate completely while the brain begins constructing another.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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