KO-AX - The Crab Eye


   Like the related Brekekekex, the Ko-Ax is a bioconstruct designed by a timid, fragile and extremely tiny extraterrestrial race, the Eex. Piloted by up to two of these minute beings in tandem, the Ko-Ax is one of their few defenses against the many monsters of Mortasheen city.


An extreme modification of the Brekekekex, the Ko-Ax bears even less resemblance to its frog basis, its croaking call and appetite for Arthropoids notwithstanding. Through an access port below its eye, two Eex or similarly sized parasites may plug into the creature's brain, their minds becoming one as they hijack the monster's motor functions.

  A Ko-Ax feeds on liquefied organic matter through a specialized, needle-like finger on each of its grasper claws.


Piloted by a pair of Eex, the Ko-Ax is a disciplined, intelligent and cautious creature, taking great care to protect itself and allies without causing long-term injury or death to assailants.

  Unpiloted, a Ko-Ax lacks any misgivings towards violence, but thinks and acts at a sluggish, apathetic pace, concerned with little other than food. Though it can be devastating in a combat situation, it will take any excuse it can to take a "snack break" followed by an extended nap.


The Ko-Ax isn't nearly as maneuverable as the related Brekekekex, moving in a sideways scuttle and incapable of running, leaping, climbing or dodging, but its deceptively frail looking body is significantly more durable, even without the aid of its projected particle barrier. Its singular, concentrated ocular beam requires no charging period, and its dual corrosive stingers are situated in powerful gripping and tearing appendages. Whereas the Brekekekex is a high-performance, high-energy fighter, the Ko-Ax is a slow, sturdy tank and defensive sentry, often appointed to protect sensitive Eex cloning facilities and research stations.


EYE BEAM: The Ko-Ax can maintain a continuous, needle-thin energy beam from its single, stalked eye, steadily burning its way through matter like a long-distance cutting torch.

STINGER CLAWS: Each of the monster's bony forelimbs are incredibly strong, and additionally bear its syringe-like feeding talons, armed with a devastatingly powerful acid.

PARTICLE BARRIER: The Ko-Ax can project a silent, invisible bubble of energized particles just large enough to enclose its body, exerting a continuous outward force strong enough to push back physical matter and even diffuse energy weapons.

SENSOR ANTENNA: The monster's eye stalk is powerful enough to analyze microscopic details at a distance, gaze through solid walls and read the vital signs of other organisms.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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