KRANKENHYDE - The Synthetic Genius


   Often derisively referred to as "eggheads," these vastly intelligent but unquestioningly subservient creatures were engineered to perform mass scientific analysis and experimentation without the emotion or personal ambition that can sometimes conflict with a master's interests, though they are prone to dangerously unpredictable fits of creativity and rapidly degrade in sanity without regular replacement. Controversially, a single prick from a Krankenhyde's lower "needle" talon can selectively copy and erase information from a living brain, literally stealing ideas as necessary to further its employer's research.

   While reviled by many true scientists, a Krankenhyde in capable hands makes an excellent laboratory assistant and battle monster, so long as it is absolutely never instructed, even in the context of friendly conversation, to "use its imagination," as the results are often catastrophic for all parties involved.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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