LAGOMUST - The Dust Bunny


   This darkness-loving monster generates an excessive volume of powdery skin flakes, collected by adhesive, cobweb-like hairs along with other detritus into an amazingly dense, durable covering of "lint." Seldom preyed upon, proteins in a Lagomust's dead tissues incite a violent immune response in almost all known biotypes, causing uncontrollable sneezing fits (at best) on contact with mucous membranes. With a thunderous sneeze, the beast can even cloak itself in a great cloud of its outermost particles.

   Thin and skeletal beneath its coat, a Lagomust can squeeze into tight spaces to lie in wait for prey, often striking victims as they sleep. The creature's claws inject a powerful dessicant enzyme that destroys cellular bonds, rapidly crumbling flesh into a fine, grey powder it can suck into its dry, hair-lined throat.

   The dense lint of a Lagomust naturally develops its own biome of molds, bacteria, mites, silverfish and especially moths, in turn attracting carnivores such as cellar spiders and house centipedes. They are known to have spread far from Mortasheen city, stalking the young of isolated human colonies where monsters are regarded as mere legend.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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