This large biomechanoid is essentially a mobile life support system, capable of forming a symbiotic bond with any organism suspended in its nourishing, photosynthetic "soup." Symbionts within the Lazaroid are rapidly healed of any injury, sustained indefinitely beyond their natural lifespan if necessary and become an extension of the Lazaroid's own consciousness, the two beings effectively thinking as one.

Symbionts removed from a Lazaroid suffer an extended withdrawal period characterized by extreme fatigue, fractured memory, reduced motor function and the belief that they have lost their true body.

The Lazaroid's soft, durable appendages are manipulated by a combination of organic tendons and the passage of searing hot, ultrapressurized gas, which it can vent from the soles of its feet or the backs of its hands to repel attackers or launch itself a short distance. Additionally, its shoulder mounted antennae can emit a pair of weaponized laser beams.


Without an occupant, a Lazaroid shows little personality beyond a calm, gentle curiosity and a desire to possess a "real" brain. With the acquisition of a symbiont, it will continuously confer with the symbiont's mind on all external actions and usually bias towards their desires, eager to please its beloved partner. Extended symbiosis between the two beings can begin to blur the line between their respected egos until they are effectively a single, seamless mind.


The Lazaroid is a powerful, versatile biomecha that doubles as a transportation module, life support system and even mobile medical pod, intaking wounded allies and regenerating their tissues as it carries out their directive. Particularly weak monsters may find existence as a Lazaroid's brain quite satisfactory, and garbage-class monsters are the most common choice for long-term or even permanent integration with the mechanoid.


CEREBRAL SYMBIOSIS: the Lazaroid can merge minds with any creature housed in its cranial tank, enhancing its own mental faculties and altering its personality.

LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM: the Lazaroid can heal and sustain its symbiont indefinitely, or hold a symbiont just long enough to mend its wounds.

TELESCOPIC LIMBS: the Lazaroid's arms and legs can extend or retract.

TWIN LASERS: the biomecha's shoulder-mounted antennae can emit a pair of slicing laser beams.

GAS VENT: the gases powering the Lazaroid's movements can be released from arms and legs to facilitate a powerful leap, hurl objects and burn soft materials.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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