LEPROSORE - "Weeping Welts"


MACROFORM: Protected by a sturdy shell and many sharp, retractable teeth, the drifting Leprosore's true body is a tangle of segmented tubes and thin, wiry tendrils. It usually avoids confrontation and dislikes being seen, quietly following the smell of decay to feed on moldering corpses, though its worm-like feeding heads may squirt a powerful corrosive enzyme. Its outer shell does not break down as it converts to pathogenic form, but is sent aimlessly adrift as a decoy body.

MICROFORM: Leprosore infection is marked by a multitude of colorful, cripplingly sensitive boils, the slightest pressure setting off an explosion of vibrant, infectious pus and debilitating agony. As the boils multiply, the afflicted feel increasingly sullen, pessimistic and self conscious, convinced that they are worthless and their situation hopeless.

REPRODUCTION: Rather than split into many independent offspring, a Leprosore reproduces by constructing one large body swollen with many pus-filled "eggs." It may brood its young in its shell for many months, dragging small organisms inside for consumption.

PERSONALITY: the Leprosore is a grumpy, antisocial Fectoid, disliking any significant excitement and sometimes unleashing its infectious phase purely to enjoy the subsequent peace and quiet. It is nonetheless humble and apologetic towards its hosts; it means nothing personal, but sometimes, everyone else is being far too loud.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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